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In the old days, we wrote up a brief story about the previous ride. Its called a "Hash Trash". This newsletter is handed out each week and also has a list of the coming rides.

Sometimes hash groups will give there trashes cute titles. Being mountain bikers, we have titled our hash trashes "Loose Chains" - very appropriate most of the times.

Who gets to write up "Hash Trash"? Well, each week someone is "fined" for doing some thing silly, or any reason at all really. This person then has the duty of writing up the Hash Trash and bringing it along to next weeks ride. This is a fun way of sharing this task around the club.

As bikers prefer biking to writing, “Loose Chains” has not been active of late. If you want to see some from a couple of years ago, click here.

Of course, if anyone feels inclined to actually write anything, just send it in to “Dinki” and we will try to put it here.