News for June 2015

Rides for June have been posted. If you've any requests just email HVMBC Rides!

Safety Report

A reminder that according to our club captain we are approaching Winter (i.e. we're not there yet), and surprisingly enough the tracks are slippery when wet - so take care out there.
A bit of advice to those that have got a few kilometres under their belt. Remember you don't repair as quickly as you may have done in the past, do not follow Captain SMeeres over a blind hump, yes it will hurt, and ride to ride another day.

Club Captains Yearly Roundup.

The HVMBC membership numbers are hanging in there through 2014/2015; we are not the largest club by a long shot but we have a good keen bunch of cross country riders who enjoy some 'wild' rides from time to time.

Financially the club is quite stable, income from events has been low but we have had no major purchases this year.

The HVMBC is all about cross country mountain bike riding and that is what we do; Sunday rides every 2nd weekend and Wednesday evening rides every day of the year, plus away trips and some MTB event organising, this is where the clubs profile is raised by being involved with events like the Get2Go challenge for younger folk coming up in August.

This past year's highlights include:

May: Wainui Worldz 6hr Enduro.
Soon after last year's AGM a few of us entered the W6W which was a fun event with only a few taking it seriously. Brett Turia was still standing at the end after progressively increasing his beer intake after each lap out on the course!

June: BC Bike Race...
In June a few of the guys took off over to Canada to have a go at the 7 day BC Bike Race. They did pretty well holding it all together for the full duration, have a chat with Graeme, Gordy or Dave if you want to hear more of their adventure.

October: Away Trip to Taupo.
There is always lots of good riding around Taupo and we decided to check out the new Waihora track (End of Waihaha Rd to Kotukutuku Bay) 17km down to the bay and then a turn around and do it all back the other way. Lots of great scenery and a well-designed track made up for the sleety rain and temperatures on the wrong side of 5 degrees.
We had planned to venture on to the upgraded Waihaha track but once the cars were insight the car heaters seemed a better option...

December: HVMBC Xmas BBQ held at Paekakariki camping ground. A fine afternoon and a good ride up into the hills and around the Coop Track was followed by an evening of continuous rain, but we sat under the canopy and feasted on the unlimited supply of good food until it was time to turn in and check out the waterproofing abilities of the tents.

February: Away Trip, Bridge to Nowhere.
This year we headed off up country to stay at Ohakune and get shuttled the best part of a hour out to the start of the Bridge to Nowhere track and just to make the trip last all-day we took the detour option down the Kaiwhakauka track, some great single track riding was to be had but the price was a turn around and climb the 400m vertical back to where we turned off, this little detour doubled the kilometres travelled for the day.

April: Burttons Track.
A fine day greeted us for the third pass of Burttons Track up past Shannon. A decent slog in on 4WD tracks leads to a fantastic piece of downhill technical bush track all the way to the river. The price to pay for this is a long up river bike and hike before descending the dams road back to Shannon.

May: Skyline.
A chance to sample a small section of this tomorrow on our regular Wednesday evening ride, it will probably be a calm and starlit night!
And if you like that then the full Johnsonville-Owhiro Bay trip is the way to go with a shuttled Skyline ride back from Owhiro Bay. A regular in the HVMBC calendar, about 30km of the Wellington 'Skyline' taking between 5 and 6 hours to complete.

This year HVMBC members have been assisting with track building and maintenance in and around Whareroa Farm and further up on the Coop, Naenae Ridge, Belmont - Bull Run and assisting over in Wainui... If you are interested in 'doing your bit' then have a chat with one of the committee.

The HVMBC just gets out there and rides whatever there is to ride, if it is somewhere new or a recently opened track then that's great otherwise we ride tracks in the sunshine and in the wind and rain, ride them all in the dark and have a good time doing it.

And so finally in closing a big thank you to the committee for all their efforts in keeping The Hutt Valley MTB Club rolling along now in its 24th year with the quarter century now in our sights.

Steve Meeres
Club Captain

Club Away Trip Reports!

The slack, good-for-nothing Web editor has finally managed to lift a finger and get a trip report up on the site. Take a gander at Away Trip Reports for a write-up on a bunch of trips, and keep looking for (hopefully) regular updates. I plan to add a few photos over the next few days...

Membership fees...

Please pay up on your membership fees! There are a number of people that have still not paid... If you haven't received a request for membership payment, then it is likely we do not have a working email address for you! Please send our treasurer or membership officer your updated email address and please forward on your payment. Thanks!

Wainuiomata Hill - Road Safety Reminder

Following a recent crash, we'd like to remind HVMBC members that making a U-turn at the top of Wainuiomata Hill is illegal and highly risky.
If you are parking in the lay-by, or dropping off / picking up riders there, you must drive to the bottom of the hill and turn around at the Parkway roundabout.
If you are crossing here as a pedestrian or with your bike, please check very carefully for approaching vehicles.
Hutt City Council continues its efforts to obtain funding from NZTA to put in the bridge, but no certainty yet as to when it will go ahead.

Jan Simmons
Road Safety Coordinator
Phone: 04 570 6730
Mobile: 027 480 7206

AK-Attack MTBO event

The Ak-Attack 2014 results have now been put up on the web - please follow the MTBO links.


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