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Mountain Biking in Dunedin:
It's all right here?

A dissertation by Andrew Corney, 1998

A dissertation submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Physical Education with Honours at the University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand 1998


1. The Role of Local Government in Recreation

- Citizenship and Local Government
- Policy and the Application of Politics
- The 1989 Reforms to Local Government
- The Battle for Tracks: Tyres versus Boots
- Methods

2. Mountain biking in Dunedin

- A Revolution of Sorts: The Mountain Bike Invades New Zealand
- Mountain biking in Dunedin
- MountainBiking Otago: History and Role as a Mountain Bike Advocate
- The Trouble With Walkers
- Lobbying Land Authorities
- The Battle for Signal Hill

3. The DCC and Mountain biking

- The 1989 Reforms: ĎThe Dunedin Philosophy to the New Legislationí
- The DCC Approach to Managing Mountain Bikes
- The DCC Track Policy and Strategy: A Mountain Bikerís Ticket to Trails?
- The Politicians: Dunedinís City Councillors
- The Calibre of Staff
- Council Funded Recreation: Profitability and Provision

4. Future Directions

- The Politics of Pressure Groups
- The Decline of the Citizen and the Rise of the Customer




A debt of gratitude to Doug Booth for his supervision and guidance.

Thanks to my sources who provided valuable information. These include Trev Gerrish, Pete McDonald and Tony Fahey for MountainBiking Otago; Paul Coffey for the Dunedin City Council; Councillor Josie Jones; and Jonathan Kennett.

Note on the web version:
This dissertation was created in MS Word 6 and the Save As HTML to create the web edition. Time contraints have prevented us from cleaning-up the HTML produced by Word. Comments on the content should be directed to the author Andrew Corney, comments on links and layout should go to Email Paul.
7 October 1998