7.0 Schedule of Areas and Tracks Closed to Mountain Bike Events

7.1 Areas and Tracks Closed to Events

Races and events may be held, with formal approval from the Manager Lands Commissioning, on all tracks and roads except for those within the following areas:

  1. Wellington Botanic Garden
  2. Otari Native Botanic Garden
  3. Bolton Street Memorial Park
  4. Truby King Park
  5. Wellington Zoo
  6. Wrights Hill Bush Tracks
  7. Berhampore Golf Course
  8. Trelissick Park
  9. Redwood Bush Reserve
  10. Wilf Mexted Scenic Reserve
  11. Katherine Mansfield Park
  12. Karori Reservoir Bush Tracks (excluding perimeter track)
  13. Track between Wind Turbine and Happy Valley Road (Maori Gully Track)

7.2 Seasonal Closures

7.2.1 The following tracks are closed to events during the lambing season, August to October inclusive:

  1. Khandallah Park track from Northern Walkway to Mount Kau Kau summit (accessed via track from Sirsi Crescent),
  2. Broken Hill Reserve, Tawa.

7.2.2 The following tracks are closed to mountain bike events during winter, May to September inclusive:

  1. Waimapihi Tracks
  2. Southern Walkway:
  3. Tinakori Hill:
    • Northern Walkway between St.
    • Mary Street and Weld Street
    • All Link Tracks
  4. Khandallah Park:
    • Northern Walkway between Simla
    • Crescent and Truscott Avenue
    • Truscott Street Loop
    • All Link Tracks

7.3 Application for Events

The following requirements must be met before a concession will be granted on reserve land for an event to proceed.

  1. The race organisers will seek written permission for a temporary concession. The cost of applying for an event is $100. This cost is to cover processing and site inspection.

  1. All applications will include the following information:
    1. the anticipated number of competitors,
    2. the duration of the event,
    3. areas and tracks to be used,
    4. carparking and other facilities available,
    5. potential effects on other users, such as access restrictions,
    6. a comprehensive safety plan,
    7. public notification plan.

7.4 Application Evaluation

  1. Suitable parking, consistent with the size and estimated attendance at the event, that does not conflict with residential parking must be available.

  1. Events that restrict use of the reserve by other members of the public will be limited to no more than two events per year in any one area. Consideration will be given to increasing this number to three events per year for national or international events.

  1. Events on Mount Victoria, Waimapihi Tracks, Khandallah Park and Tinakori Hill will generally not be permitted between the months of May and September. However, Council may consider approving, as an exception, races which are of national or international significance and, in the view of Council, will provide wider benefits for the City.

  1. All events on reserve land held under the Reserves Act 1977 will be subject to the Act's requirements for licences and permits on reserve land.

  1. When considering an application, the Manager Lands Commissioning will take into account the following factors:
    1. soil compaction and wearability,
    2. track drainage and drying out ability,
    1. susceptibility to erosion,
      1. track gradient suitability for the soil type and stability,
      2. potential for track deterioration,
      3. seasonal factors,
      4. acceptability of impacts on other users,
      5. ability to restrict use of the track by others during the event.

7.5 Conditions of Agreement

Once the formal approval of the Manager Lands Commissioning for an event has been obtained, the following guidelines will be followed:

7.5.1 Holding Bond

  1. A holding bond to be set by the Manager Lands Commissioning (minimum $500), against possible damage, must be received from the race organiser before the event. The race organiser and the Manager Lands Commissioning must check the site before and after the race and agree on the condition of the area. Any remedial work required to be undertaken by W.C.C. will be deducted from the bond.

  1. A standard contract and bond form will be used and must be signed by both the Manager Lands Commissioning and the race organiser prior to the event.

7.5.2 Fees

  1. Commercial events will be charged a fee to be set by the Manager Lands Commissioning (minimum $500). Charitable trusts or non profit making groups will not be charged a race fee. Any other use of reserve facilities may be at additional cost to the event organiser.

7.5.3 Public Safety and Awareness

  1. The event organiser, in consultation with the Manager Lands Commissioning, must give notice to the public seven days prior to the event by signage at key entry points to the event area. Signage location and design will be agreed with the Manager Lands Commissioning. All signage will be at the expense of the event organiser.

  1. The event organiser must notify, in writing, all immediate neighbours to the reserve seven days prior to the event being held

  1. The event organiser must, subject to approval of the Manager Lands Commissioning, provide sufficient marshals and signage to ensure the safety of other users of the area.

  1. The event organiser must erect signage to alert other users to the event at entrances to the event area for the duration of the event.

7.5.4 Signage

  1. Signage and markings will be restricted to the following types:
    1. arrows pushed into the ground,
    2. staked signs pushed into the ground,
    3. bunting attached to trees by tying only,
    4. signs attached to trees by tying only,
    5. water soluble spray on ground, not on vegetation,
    6. commercial sponsorship signage is generally not permitted on reserve land. Where it is permitted, it must be discreet and unobtrusive. For events on Town Belt land, refer to the Town Belt Management Plan for details.

2. The race organiser will ensure that all bunting, signage and litter arising from the event is removed from the area before the event permit expires.

7.5.5 Environmental Constraints

  1. Heavy or prolonged rainfall prior to the event may cause the postponement of the event. The Manager Lands Commissioning will consult with the event organiser regarding cancellation, although the final decision lies with the Manager Lands Commissioning.

7.5.6 Competitor Conduct

  1. The race organiser will ensure that the Mountain Bike Code of Conduct or an approved Code of Race Conduct is printed on all entry forms.

Failure to comply with any of these guidelines will lead to forfeiture of some or all of the event holding bond.