6.0 Schedule of Areas and Tracks Closed to Mountain Bikes (Excluding Events)

6.1 Areas and Tracks Closed to Mountain Biking

The following areas and tracks are closed to general (excluding event) mountain bike use:

  1. Berhampore Golf Course
  2. Bolton Street Memorial Park
  3. City to Sea Walkway (excluding Central Park, Kelburn Park, Nairn Street Park, Prince of Wales Park and Macalister Park)
  4. Eastern Walkway
  5. Hue Tekaka (Moa Point)
  6. Huntleigh Park
  7. Izard Park
  8. Johnstons Hill Reserve
  9. Karori Reservoir Bush Tracks (excluding perimeter road)
  10. Katherine Mansfield Park
  11. Khandallah Park (excluding Sirsi Crescent to Kau Kau summit track)
  12. Otari Native Botanic Garden
  13. Redwood Bush Reserve
  14. Seton Nossiter Park (excluding section between Bushland Grove and Mark Avenue)
  15. Southern Walkway (Oriental Bay to Palliser Road section)
  16. Tinakori Hill (excluding ridgeline track)
  17. Trelissick Park
  18. Truby King Park
  19. Waimapihi Tracks
  20. Wellington Botanic Garden (except the road around Anderson Park from

Glenmore Street to Kinross Street)

  1. Wellington Zoo
  2. Wilf Mexted Scenic Reserve
  3. Wrights Hill Bush Tracks
  4. Track between Wind Turbine and Happy Valley Road (Maori Gully Track)

6.2 Specialist Tracks

Mountain bikes are not permitted on designated specialist tracks such as interpretative or exercise tracks.

  1. Kelburn Park Exercise Track is closed.

6.3 Seasonal Closures

The following tracks are closed for the lambing season, August to October inclusive:

  1. Khandallah Park track from Northern Walkway to Mount Kau Kau summit (accessed via track from Sirsi Crescent),
  2. Broken Hill Reserve, Tawa.