1. "Manager Lands Commissioning" refers to any nominated agent the Chief Executive Officer or Commissioning Group Leader delegates to carry out the duties described in this policy.

  1. A "Mountain Bike" is a bicycle which has gears, frame, wheels and tyres that are specially designed for use on rough terrain.

Any reference in this policy to "mountain bike" will also include any non-motorised pedal cycle, tricycle, scooter, or other similar contraption, whether with or without gears, or with or without wheels and tyres especially designed for use on rough terrain.

  1. "Off Road" refers to any track; four wheel drive track, paved or unpaved track, firebreak or track which is on "reserve land". It does not refer to any tracks or roads on private land.

  1. "Outer Town Belt" refers to the belt of Council owned reserve land which encompasses land surrounding the outer suburbs of Wellington City.

  1. "PCC" refers to the Porirua City Council.

  1. "Reserve Land" means any land administered by Wellington City Council. Not all "reserve land" is legally Reserve under the Reserves Act (1977). Many areas are freehold land or are subject to other protective deeds and legislation such as the Town Belt and Basin Reserve Deed (1873), the Wellington City District Plan and Council Bylaws.

  1. "Town Belt" refers to the discontinuous Council owned belt which encompasses the hills surrounding inner Wellington City; Tinakori Hill, Wellington Botanic Garden, Kelburn Park, Aro Valley Reserves, Brooklyn Hills, McAlister Park, Mount Albert and Golf Links, Wellington Zoo, Newtown / Crawford Road Reserves, Hataitai Park and Mount Victoria.

  1. "Track" refers to routes specifically built on "reserve land". It also refers to routes that have evolved from use and are managed by Council as formal routes. The majority of tracks are narrower than roads and are unpaved.

  1. "WCC" refers to the Wellington City Council.

  1. "WRC" refers to the Wellington Regional Council.