The following initiatives are to be implemented between the release of this policy and the next policy review which is due in 2002.

  1. Council, in consultation with affected parties, will evaluate the feasibility of developing an area in Council's reserve portfolio primarily for the use of mountain bikers for recreational use and organised events.

If land can be set aside for this purpose, Council, with the assistance of mountain bike groups, will initiate its development as a high quality mountain biking facility.

  1. The policy will be widely promoted throughout the City through outlets such as cycle shops, walking groups, mountain bike clubs and progressive associations.

The most popular and suitable areas and tracks for mountain biking within the confines of the policy will be clearly mapped on a suitably designed brochure which will be provided for public information through a wide range of outlets.

  1. Council will continue to improve its mountain bike signage on reserve land. Emphasis will be placed on the use of vandal resistant signage.

  1. Active involvement of Council's voluntary rangers in the education of mountain bikers and other users of reserve land will progressively play a greater part in the management of mountain bike use of reserve land.

  1. Council will continue to conduct user surveys and track evaluations to ascertain track use patterns, carrying capacities and areas requiring track development.

  1. Future track development in areas open to mountain bikes will be designed to minimise the potential for environmental degradation and user conflict. Design options include:
    1. track design to minimise physical impacts,
    2. vegetation clearance or track realignment to improve sight lines,
    3. physical separation of uphill and downhill routes at particularly dangerous sites,
    4. appropriate advance signage to warn mountain bikers of high risk track sections ahead.