Appendix 1 : Example of Policy Application
Track Name: Belmont Trig Track Location:  Belmont Regional Park

Track Description

General Type:  Steep farm track

Av. Width: 3 m Av. Slope: 9 Max. Sust Slope: 17 Length:
2 km

Surface:  Hard clay, rock and grass
Visibility:  Good

ROS Classes:  Urban fringe / rural

Difficulty:  Intermediate

Current Level of Use (MTB):  Moderate - high year round

Current Level of Use (Other):  Moderate - high walking; moderate horse

Summary:  First part of a route which includes an extreme decent and an
intermediate ride down Korokoro Stream:  Listed in Classic NZ Mountain Bike
Rides as 1 of authors' 50 favourites.  Close proximity to urban areas

Assessment of Effects (Existing/Anticipated)

Physical Effects (Type / Degree / Possible Remedies / Practicality):

Two detours from main route are causing initial stages of rutting.  Need to
define required route and place barriers to prevent corner cutting.

Social Effects:

Steep track tends to encourage speed.  Effects are relatively minor due ti
good visibility and wide track.  Particular caution needed when encountering
horses.  Stree in track information.

Safety Issues:

Presence of horses, excessive use of speed.  Need to emphasise yield rule
and control of speed.  Risk of exposure on Belmont Tops should be stated

Recommended Management

General Purpose:  Part of longer route but also a worthwhile return trip to
trig.  One of main multiple use tracks in Belmont Regional Park, and a key
access for mountain bikes.

Walking Standard:  Steep walking track

MTB Standard:  Subject to adoption of a suitable set of standards.

Restrictions:  None

Improvements Needed:  General surface maintenance, improved drainage.
Develop solutions to existing detours from main route.

Interim Management:  Place barriers to halt impact on worst areas.

General Comment:  Management Plan currently under review.  Check for
consistency with proposed park management.

Map of:  Korokoro Stream Track Scale:  1:10,000