Appendix 2 : Demographics of Mountain Biking in Wellington Regional Parks

The figures presented here are derived from the results of 1995 summer and winter surveys of Wellington Regional Parks, carried out by Tourism Resource Consultants. The surveys were limited to visitors 15 years and older.

Figure A shows the percentage of visitors to each park who are cycling. Rimutaka Incline stands out as being almost exclusively a mountain biking venue. Just as significant however, is East Harbour Regional Park - one of the busiest parks in the Region. Here over a quarter of surveyed visitors were cycling. (Cycling occurs on Pencarrow Coastal Road. Bush tracks in this park are closed to mountain biking at present.)

Between all parks approximately 20 percent of the net sample were cycling/mountain biking.

Figure B shows the gender ratios of mountain bikers. Some clear differences between parks are evident. Belmont Regional Park has a predominance of male riders, while East Harbour Regional Park has roughly even numbers of males and females.

Figure C shows the age of mountain bikers in the sample. As with gender ratios, there are significant differences between parks. Belmont is used most by riders in the younger age groups, while at East Harbour the age of riders is more evenly spread.

The specific reasons for the gender and age characteristics of riders in each park cannot be drawn from the survey results. However, it may partly reflect the geographical differences between each area and the preferences and degree of involvement in mountain biking of riders in each gender and age group.

At East Harbour, cycling is on a flat coastal road. In places like this the gender and age characteristics of riders resemble those of the regional population, indicating wide participation in mountain biking/off road cycling.