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Whilst the Registry service is free, we sell a few extra options to cover the running costs.

Certificate and Stickers: NZ$20.00

We can provide a Certificate of Ownership which can be used to prove ownership to Police once your stolen bicycle has been found.

In addition we'll supply a page of 20 stickers for attaching to your bikes.

These stickers serve to deter thieves, inform Police, and convince insurance companies that you are a responsible bicycle owner. They should be stuck on your bike, under your seat, inside your steer tube (if you know how), and near your computer.
This bicycle is registered with the
New Zealand Bicycle Registry
Phone/fax (04) 499-6376

Price for Certificate and Stickers: NZ$20.00

Payments by cheque or money order should be made out to:

New Zealand Bicycle Registry
PO Box 11-310

Our online credit card processing system will be available soon.

Future Plans

We plan to offer additional services in the near future:

  • scanning and storing of bike photos
  • a monthly fax out to all Police Stations listing details of stolen bikes
  • collaboration with the insurance industry to offer discounts to Registry users
  • collaboration with the Bicycle Industry Association of New Zealand to include details of stolen bikes with BIANZ mail-outs to bike shops throughout New Zealand

If you have any suggestions of your own please feel encouraged to email

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