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Track Grading System

In the third edition we have used the new mountain bike grading system which is based on those used for kayaking and climbing. Grades run from 1 to 6 and indicate the overall difficulty of a ride.

Grade 1: Fairly flat, wide and smooth track or gravel road. Suitable for all first-time riders.

Grade 2: Gentle climbs and easily avoidable obstacles such as rocks and potholes. You couldn't ride it in your sleep, but most beginners will still enjoy these rides.

Grade 3: Challenging riding with steep slopes and/or tricky obstacles, possibly on a narrow track with poor traction. Requires riding experience and some fitness. Previously graded for intermediate riders.

Grade 4: A mixture of long steep climbs, loose track surfaces, difficult and/or dangerous obstacles to avoid or jump over. Some sections will be easier to walk. Previously graded for experienced riders.

Grade 5: Killer climbs, dangerous drop-offs, sharp corners, numerous tricky obstacles. Some sections are definitely safer and easier to walk.

Grade 6: Trials skills essential to clear many huge obstacles. High risk level. Only a handful of riders will enjoy these rides, apart from bike'n'hike enthusiasts.

Note: Most tracks will be a grade or two harder to ride when wet.