Grades and Rules

We ride by some simple rules

  • No Helmet - No Ride!
  • We ride rain or shine!
  • For safety reasons we have set minimum ages for children:  

    - Accompanied by an adult, 10 years and over.  

    - Unaccompanied by an adult, 12 years and over.

Mountain Bikers Code

  1. Ride Mountain bike and multi use tracks only. Ask for permission of land owners before setting out.
  2. Respect other users; always give way to walkers
  3. Leave no trace; never skid or drop litter
  4. Keep your bicycle under control
  5. Never spook animals and leave gates as you find them

Ride grading

Grade 1: Fairly flat, wide and smooth track or gravel road. Suitable for all first-time riders 
Grade 2: Gentle climbs and easily avoidable obstacles such as rocks and potholes. You couldn?t ride it in your sleep, but most beginners will still enjoy these rides. 
Grade 3: Challenging riding with steep slopes and/or tricky obstacles, possibly on a narrow track with poor traction. Requires riding experience and some fitness. Previously graded for intermediate riders. 
Grade 4: A mixture of long steep climbs, loose track surfaces, difficult and/or dangerous obstacles to avoid or jump over. Some sections will be easier to walk. Previously graded for experienced riders. 
Grade 5: Killer climbs, dangerous drop-offs, sharp corners, numerous tricky obstacles. Some sections are definitely safer and easier to walk. 
Grade 6: Trials skills essential to clear many huge obstacles. High risk level. Only a handful of riders will enjoy these rides, apart from bike ?n? hike enthusiasts.