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Makara Peak Conservation Programme

In addition to building and maintaining dual purpose mountain bike and walking tracks the Makara Peak Supporters are actively working to restore the hills of Makara Peak to native forest. To date the Makara Peak Supporters have planted nearly 30,000 native plants and removed thousands of pest plants and animals. These efforts improve the Park is several ways:

  • provides shelter from wind, rain and sun
  • more fire resistant than gorse
  • more attractive (and comfortable) to ride or walk through than gorse!
  • broadens the support for the park to the wider community
  • provides a stopping off point for native birds between the Karori Sanctuary and Otari Plant Museum
  • fits in with the Wellington City Councils long term plans for a native forest belt around the city

Download the 2005-2006 Conservation Plan (18 kb pdf file)

Indigenous Plants

A list of indigenous plants in riparian area (South Karori Stream) and adjacent land.

Forest Restoration Plan

Our five year plan for forest restoration, 2005-2010.

Riparian Restoration Plan

Our five year plan for restoring the South Karori Stream area is not yet available online. You can read more about the Riparian Restoration Plan in the 2005-2006 Conservation Plan (18 kb pdf file)

Weed Control Plan

Our weed control plan aims to control the spread of manageable weed species (summer).

Trapping Programme

Our animal pest control programme aims to control possums, goats, feral sheep, rabbits and stoats, and monitor pigs (year round with focus on spring season).