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Animal Pest Control


To control possums, goats, feral sheep, rabbits and stoats, and monitor pigs (year round with focus on spring season).


Possum control will continue to require the Supporters to co-ordinate new volunteers for bait stations. New stations will be installed in Nikau Valley and ex-Miets land and. WRC only funds impracticable bait stations. Replacement stations and parts are required at cost of $500.


Supporters will continue to offer a $20 per head bounty for goats shot within neighbouring property up to a maximum spend of $1000 per year. The Supporters will encourage the WCC to at the least match this with at least two visits per year.


Supporters to trial 3 Fenn trap lines for mustelid control (eg. stoats) within the Park. Funding for egg bait required $100.


Rabbit bait will be laid on droppings as required to combine with releasing workparties if practical. $40 required for bait.


Fencelines on the Southern boundary need to be checked and cleared for animal pest control. Request WCC to undertake the work. If unsuccessful we suggest a contingency budget for 40 hours of work to clear fencelines ($600) and funding for ad hoc fencing repairs ($500).