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A profile of participants and their recreation setting and experience preferences

A report by Gordan Cessford, Department of Conservation, New Zealand. 1995

Abstract 4k
Summary Table 9k
Executive Summary 9k
  1. Introduction 15k
  2. Research Methods 9k
  3. Results - Rider Characteristics 36k
  4. Results - Setting and recreation experience preferences 119k
  5. Results - Attitudes to opinion statements 35k
  6. Discussion of Key Findings 30k
  7. Recommendations 13k
  8. References and Acknowledgments 5k
  9. Appendices: 5k
    1. Mountain Bike Questionnaire 40k
    2. Differences between 'racers' and 'non-racers' 129k
    3. Riding sites used around Wellington 99k
    4. Differences between Male and Female riders 119k
    5. Validity of self-rated experience 18k
    6. The top-ranked features of mountain biking (by experience groups) 40k
    7. Preferences for setting attributes (by experience groups) 17k
    8. Favourite riding conditions: total list (by experience groups) 42k
    9. Attitudes to opinion statements (by experience groups) 42k

Documents available, in Word 7 for Win95 format:
the full report 215k
the full appendices 352k

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28 April 1998