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We currently have 1085 bikes registered including 123 stolen bikes.

The New Zealand Bicycle Registry is a free service for storing vital information about your bike - most importantly your bike frame serial number. In the event of your bike being stolen you can notify the Registry so the Police, and others, can search for your bike if they recover it - anywhere in New Zealand. Here's the concise list of all stolen or missing bicycles.

This national registry is open to police agencies throughout New Zealand to simplify the return of found property. Hundreds of bicycles are found by police every year and there has been no easy way for them to find the rightful owner - until now. The New Zealand Bicycle Registry aims to solve this problem.

The general public can also search through the list of stolen bikes before purchasing a second hand bike. The New Zealand Bicycle Registry is modeled on the highly successful US National Bike Registry.

Bike Owners

You can enter detailed information about your bike(s) with your contact details. Your contact details are not accessible to others until you notify the Registry that the bike has been stolen or lost. (You do this by editing your own record online.) Once you change your bike's possession status to "stolen" people will be able to search the Registry to see if a second hand bike they are about to buy is stolen.

The Registry is a free service.

This includes stolen, lost and bikes held by police. So it should actually say "bikes not in the possession of their owners", but that's a bit clumsy.

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