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Logon to register your bicycle

1. First Timers

If you are new to the Registry you'll first need to create yourself an account. All this requires is for you to choose yourself a User ID and Password.

User ID  

User ID: Your User ID should be a simple name for your account, like your first name (unless someone else has already used it). It must be 4-12 characters long and use only letters - no numbers or spaces.
Password: Your Password needs to be something you can remember, but not something that anyone else might guess. Try not to forget it! (If you do forget your password email us and we will supply you with a new one.)

Once you have specified a User ID and Password you will be able to logon to the Registry to add your bike details. You'll be able use your User ID and Password at any time after this to modify your Registry information.

2. Existing Users

If you have already created a User ID and Password you can modify an existing Registry record(s) or add new bikes.

User ID  

When you sell a bicycle make sure you email us so that we can delete the record.

Note: to simplify the program running this system you are required to enter your contact details for each bike you register. You should use the same User ID and Password for all your bikes.

Police Logon

User ID  

Police should logon on here to add found bikes to the Registry. We recommend you only provide the Make and Model when entering found bikes - so that the bike can be identified by it's owner with information not found in the Registry.

Police require a Registry supplied password to access the Contact Details associated with each bike in the Registry.

Request a Police password. We will provide your password by calling you at your Police Station as listed in the National Police Telephone Directory.

You can do full Bike and Contact Detail searches from here too.

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